Tips for Protecting Your Skin and Avoiding Sunburn During the Summer


Wide brimmed hats and sunglasses will protect your eyes.

A few hours in the sun can leave your skin feeling sore and tight. These are signs of sunburn, which can double your risk of getting skin cancer in your adult years. By using the following summer skincare tips, you can minimize the risks of developing squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma:

  • Find shaded areas at peak exposure times, which is usually between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Foods high in Vitamin D and antioxidants are proven to effectively prevent sunburn.
  • Cataract and pterygium are two risks of exposing your eyes to UV rays. Wear sunglasses to stay safe.
  • Protective clothing can cut the risks of sunburn in half. Hats, sarongs and ponchos offer good protection.
  • Fill a shot glass with broad spectrum sunscreen or apply one ounce of lotion to your skin.
  • Shield your skin from UVA and UVB rays by rubbing sunscreen on the often forgotten places. These include the upper ears, underarms, brow bone, tops of the feet, shoulders and hair line.
  • Don’t use UV tanning booths, as these pose serious health risks.
  • Inspect your skin regularly for new moles or marks and visit a skin physician for professional exams.

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