Attend A Fun Event At The Mariners’ Museum and Park

Located in the heart of Newport News, the Mariners’ Museum and Park is a treasure of the community and a source of unending recreational and educational opportunities. Where else can you examine more than 35,000 pieces of maritime ephemera? At the Mariners’ Museum, visitors study artifacts, artworks, model ships, and can even walk the deck of a full-scale Monitor replica. The USS Monitor was an ironclad warship, steam-powered, that was built for and used by the Union Navy during the Civil War. The warship’s presence at the Battle of Hampton Roads makes it an important part of local history and although the actual ship is disintegrating underwater off the coast of North Carolina, the replica is a treasure to behold.

The Mariners’ Museum and Park offers a variety of unique opportunities to engage with the exhibits throughout the year. Children’s programs and history lectures geared to adult learners are just the tip of the iceberg at this spectacular cultural center. Noteworthy September events include:

  •  The Mariners’ Gallery Crawl, September 16th 6:30pm-10pm. This event is for adults with a flair for mystery. Museum curators will share secrets of artifacts from the collection and dish up scandalous scoops that will make your jaw drop. Tickets are $65 ($55 for museum members) and the price includes luxurious food, drink, and alcohol. Learn more about the Mariner’s Gallery Crawl here.
  • Longleaf Pine Basket Weaving Workshop, September 23rd 2:00-4:00pm. Not quite an underwater basket weaving class, traditional pine basket making does involve soaking pine needles in hot water prior to weaving. For just $20 ($10 for members), you can bond with the local environment by learning a traditional craft utilizing an abundant resource in the area. Click here to register for the Longleaf Pine Basket Weaving Workshop.

The Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News capture the spirit of hundreds of years of seafaring tradition and offers a unique perspective on local history. If you just can’t get enough of the alluring coastal culture, consider a move to the Hampton Roads area. Waypoint Apartment communities are nestled throughout the region. Contact us to help you find the perfect community to fit your lifestyle in Newport News.


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