Breakfast Near Hampton Roads

Oh, breakfast! Many feel it’s the best meal of the day. Yes, you have a wonderful kitchen. But sometimes, it’s so nice just to have breakfast already served. Plus, Hampton Roads has fantastic breakfast places. Here are 3 of the best.

Which came first, the chicken or D’Egg? D’egg Downtown or D’egg West are wonderful breakfast places. They have every breakfast staple your heart could desire (think eggs, grits, toast, bacon, pancakes), plus specials that combine the charms of the area with breakfast staples (think crab egg Benedict). You can get a brisket Benedict too, if your breakfast craving is red meat. And do I even need to mention Virginia smoked ham?

If you are a fan of smoked Virginia ham, try the Old Chickahominy House. It’s named for its location near the Chickahominy River, where they have been since the mid-1950s. This venerable restaurant serves a Plantation Special that will serve you plenty, along with country bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, and hot biscuits. (Part of the restaurant was constructed from wood of a nearby plantation.) They also offer turkey sausage for a change of pace. Another highlight here is Miss Melinda’s Pancakes, which can be had plain (as if maple syrup and butter were plain!) or with fruit. You can also get a special Rebel cocktail.

Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes has been serving the area for decades. Although the waitresses dress in colonial costume (hey, they’re in Williamsburg), the draw is the food—especially, yes, the pancakes.

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