Exhibits and Events at the Virginia Zoo


Did you know that hundreds of animals call the Virginia Zoo home? This zoo dates back to when the Lafayette Park began acquiring animals in 1900. The zoo became the Lafayette Zoological Park the following year and was eventually renamed the Virginia Zoo in 1989. Today, it is dedicated to protecting wildlife by inspiring a […]

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Take A Martial Arts Class Near Waypoint Apartments

Martial arts classes provide a fun way to learn new skills while at the same time improving your balance, coordination, and flexibility. Nearby studios include: World Martial Arts At World Martial Arts, the instructors are dedicated to promoting health, strength, and longevity. Grand Master Ko opened the studio in 1982, and his contributions to taekwondo have earned […]

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Explore the Cosmos at the Abbitt Planetarium

At the Abbitt Planetarium, visitors can observe spinning galaxies and study the Earth from space. Housed in the Virginia Living Museum, it features seventy-one seats and a state-of-the-art digital full-screen projection system that recreates the wonders of the universe. Shows include: Solar System Odyssey (through November 21) – Set in the future, Solar System Odyssey is a fun, character-driven adventure that’s set […]

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