Explore the Destination: Dinosaur! Exhibits at the Virginia Living Museum

Dinosaur skeleton in a museum

Dinosaurs once roamed the area around Hampton Roads. Now through September 3, you have a chance to roam among the giant creatures of yesteryear not far from Waypoint Apartments. This multi-faceted investigation, Destination: Dinosaur!, is located at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. So make sure you stop by to enjoy the exhibit.


Destination: Dinosaur! Outdoors

Experience all seven of the dinosaur-themed exhibits for an in-depth exploration of when dinosaurs ruled. Start by visiting the water-spitting animatronic Dilophosaurus and her baby located on the outdoor trail. They really will spray water, so be prepared to get a little wet!

Next, you’ll find a Tyrannosaurus Rex is in the garden. He is life size and thirteen feet tall. This dinosaur, the tyrant lizard king, traveled on his hind legs looking for prey. So be sure to take a picture so you can see the sheer scale of the giant dinosaur.


Interactive Exhibits and Films

Once you’re done exploring the grounds, stop by the indoor exhibits. The museum has an animatronic dinosaur gallery featuring smaller species and their babies. The gallery includes a Stegoceras, which averaged taller than an adult human but weighed less than one. You can also operate a robotic Stegosaurus or learn to dig for fossils in the Hadrosaur exhibit.

The Destination: Dinosaur! exhibits also feature original dino tracks from Virginia dating back nearly 210 million years ago. Sit down and watch Daring Dinosaurs, The Rex is Right!, or Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs? in the museum’s theatre or planetarium.

If you have time, you can also walk the Dinosaur Discovery Trail. But don’t worry if you can’t visit the museum before the end of August. It is now a permanent exhibit, and you can go back and visit it anytime. Visiting the Dinosaur Discovery Trail and Destination: Dinosaur! is included in the price of museum admission.


There is always a lot to see at the Virginia Living Museum when it’s too hot to go outside. You can also explore three beautiful state parks just a short drive from Waypoint Apartments when the temperature cools down. If you’re looking for a new home in a handsome community, give our staff a call to schedule your tour today.

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