Drink Local and Get a Great Craft Beer at Oozlefinch Brewery


Everybody loves great beer, and craft breweries make it easy to enjoy an old favorite in bold new ways. They’re also a great way to support local businesses in the community. If you’re looking to drink local, try The Oozlefinch Brewery. This Fort Monroe establishment features wonderful beer, great events, and a dedicated staff.


About Oozlefinch Brewery

We know what you’re thinking –“What on Earth is an Oozlefinch?” The answer is a wonderful piece of Hampton Roads lore.

The story begins in 1905. After a night of drinking, Captain H.M. Merriam saw a gigantic, large-eyed, flightless bird. As time went on more people reported sightings.

As the Oozlefinch’s legend grew, so did his powers. Soon, he could fly backward at supersonic speed and even carry military-grade weapons! You won’t see a gigantic, missile-dropping bird at the brewery, but their beers are pretty amazing.

The Oozlefinch Brewery’s beers include traditional and experimental styles. A wild rotating draft selection will often include experiments like a bourbon barrel aged “Cherry Pie Ox Cart” sour.


There’s More Than Just Great Beer!

Even if you don’t like beer, there’s a lot to do at Oozlefinch. From enlightening tours to great dining, you’ll be sure to stay past your first pint.

The brewery also plays host to local food trucks. This is a great way to try new foods and get your grub on while enjoying a delicious pint. You can find a weekly truck schedule on Oozlefinch’s Facebook page.

They also feature live music and community events. If you want to learn about local artists or meet other Hampton Roads residents, this is a great place to do it.

If you’re all about the brews, Oozlefinch has a knowledgeable staff so you can learn more. They’re also working on a barrel room to display their aging process. You can even enjoy games, picnics, and views of the waterfront on their outdoor patio.

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