Go to “Drum Your Dream” to Find Your Unique Beat

Drum circle

Drumming is a universal and ancient language meant both to uplift and to communicate. “Drum Your Dream” in Hampton Roads evolved from the Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle founded by Arthur Lopez, and you can find it just down the road from Waypoint Apartments.

His goal is to introduce interactive drumming experiences for all age groups and all levels of musical ability. He strives to inspire folks in Hampton Roads and beyond with “Drum Your Dream.”


About Arthur Lopez

“Drum Your Dream” is the realization of Arthur Lopez’s lifelong love of drumming and his belief in community rhythm-based events facilitating peace and friendship. He started drumming as a child when he got his first set of bongos at age seven.

Then, Arthur continued to make music through high school as a member of a Latin jazz band. He later honed his knowledge of rhythm and percussion by studying West African drumming with Leroy Craddock and Taiko drumming under Marco Lienhard. Arthur finally formed Drum Your Dream in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since.


Host a Drum Circle

Arthur leads professional rhythm-based events for corporate team-building, celebrations of all kinds, festivals, and fundraisers. “Drum Your Dream” is a community caretaker, too. You can often find the organization at senior and special needs centers to help foster self-confidence and social interaction.

Special occasions are uniquely energized when everyone participates in a drum party. “Drum Your Dream” provides the drums and other percussion instruments for events of up to 300 people. It is guaranteed that your guests will get their bodies moving and laughter will ensue.

Drum circles at weddings serve as great icebreakers for both sides of the family and make one-of-a-kind memories.


Hand Drum Lessons

You can also learn hand drumming to foster your talent. Percussion lessons are available at his studio or at your home. You can learn on a wide variety of instruments that include djembe, bongo, conga, and Cajon. Students learn hand techniques, as well as how to listen to a sound and recognize basic rhythms.

Arthur helps build confidence and find the natural musicality he believes each person has within them. The positive reviews he receives are a testimony to  Arthur’s unending positivity and talent.

Once your lessons are complete you can join the annual “Largest Drum Circle in the World” where drum circles around the world drum at the same time to promote world peace.


Hampton Roads is full of opportunities to learn and experience the arts. If you want to learn about the local history, you can also visit the Mariners’ Museum and Park for great workshops. Waypoint Apartments offer spacious apartments near these locations and more. It’s the perfect community to call home. For more information, you can contact us anytime.

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