Hampton Roads History: Visit Virginia’s Historic Triangle


Hampton Roads history is absolutely fascinating! Did you know that Hampton Roads does not refer to the motorways of Virginia, but to “road stay,” meaning a safe port? Back in 1607, Jamestown Island was the road stay for many English settlers.

Now, Hampton Roads is a collection of cities and towns in Southeast Virginia where American history is around every corner. If you love history, visit Virginia’s Historic Triangle: Jamestown Island, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

Learn About Hampton Roads History in Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Jamestown Island

Make your first stop “America’s Birthplace,” Jamestown! The original settlement was uncovered in 1996, and archaeologists are still making significant finds. Jamestown includes a museum of artifacts as well as replicas of colonial ships.

You’ll also find a reconstruction of the fort and its buildings along with a Native American village; both populated by reenactors who vividly demonstrate just how hard life was back then.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg, on the other hand, demonstrates just how good life became for the Virginian colonists. Like Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum. Cars are not allowed on site and ambient music is supplied by a drum and fife corps.

Additionally, every museum guide is a reenactor who never breaks character. Silversmiths, wheelwrights, and cabinet-makers ply their trades, and the taverns serve authentic 18th-century menus. The shops, homes, and elegant Governor’s Mansion are restored down to the smallest detail, and the gardens are sublime!


The Battlefield at Yorktown is now a tranquil, green parkland, but it was once the site of the final battle for America’s freedom. Here, you’ll find reconstructed fortifications and enjoy ranger-guided walking tours that bring history to life. A visitor center offers an orientation film, while the museum exhibits American and British artifacts.

There is also a reconstruction of a military encampment with demonstrations of various weaponry such as muskets and bayonets.

Visitors to Virginia’s Historic Triangle will find that there is almost too much Hamptons Roads history to explore! But as a resident, you will be able to visit whenever you like! If you are looking for a place to live in Hampton Roads, please contact us¬†about renting one of our apartments at Waypoint.

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