Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Like much of the state of Virginia, Hampton Roads has a rich cultural heritage. Unlike most of the United States, however, it stretches back all the way to the very birth of our nation.

As the area provides the state its vital connection to the sea, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum is of incredible importance in its study and documentation of the area’s 235 years of naval history. The museum houses a wide variety of photographs and other archival materials, as well as several artifacts from famous ships as well as room-sized replicas of the ships themselves. Due to the stunning generosity of the people of Virginia, the museum also houses a complete dinner and tea silver set from the Battleship Wisconsin, which is not to be missed.

The museum has done its part to make sure that much of the history of the area can be seen via its website’s online exhibits, but a trip to the museum is highly recommended. In addition to its fantastic permanent exhibits, the museum and its foundation also host 45-minute bus tours of Naval Station Norfolk. The tours are run by real naval personnel with in-depth knowledge of the many warships covered by the tour, as well as one of the busiest airfields in the country.

You can also visit the museum’s calendar to learn about the different Luncheon Lectures held by the museum, as well as its After Hours History program.

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