Historical Sites To Visit In Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads region generally sees about four million visitors per year, according to a market study conducted by the Virginian Pilot. While visitors come for a wide variety of reasons, the vast bulk of them are attracted by the rich and well-preserved history of the area. This region is truly a little slice of American history frozen in time, and Waypoint Apartments are close to many cultural sites that are worth exploring.

Fort Monroe National Monument

This former military outpost now serves as a tribute to American history dating all the way back to the early 1600’s, when Captain John Smith first came ashore and the first settlement was established. The monument tells the story of America that this outpost was witness to, from the colonial period to the Civil War. It is also home to the Casemate Museum, as well as regular performances by military bands.

Air Power Park

This public park doubles as an outdoor aviation museum, showcasing a number of aircraft and experimental space launch vehicles that were developed between 1950 and 1970. There is also an indoor museum featuring aircraft models representing all four branches of military service as well as NASA, the Cold War Era, and a rotating display of models from the local International Plastic Modellers’ Society.

The Historic Triangle

The “Historic Triangle” refers to the area between the York and James Rivers, which includes the cities of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. The three cities are linked by the Colonial Parkway, a roadway carefully designed to keep the sight of modern development to an absolute minimum. Each of the cities in the Triangle is the home to heritage sites and carefully preserved buildings from the period.

Bassett Hall

This farmhouse was first erected in the mid-1700’s but became a prominent landmark when it was purchased by John D. Rockefeller Jr. for use as his personal home while undergoing a major effort of the preservation of similar historical sites. The Rockefeller family bequeathed the house to Williamsburg in 1979 and it has since been preserved in the style of the original decoration when the Rockefellers first moved in.

The Hampton Roads area isn’t just a great place to visit; it’s a great place to live as well! Want to learn more about living in a piece of history? Contact us to learn more about our luxurious apartments in the area!

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