Leap, Spin & Shuffle: The Art of Dance Academy

Whether you love to dance, or just want to try it out, the Art of Dance Academy has something for you! Located near our Waypoint Apartments in Hampton Roads, the Academy offers a warm and welcoming studio experience, no matter your age or level.

Ballet is offered, as it lays a great foundation for any dance form. But there are many other dance forms offered by this school, including tap, jazz, zumba, hip-hop and more. Classes for tiny tots are available, as are adult only classes. Children and teens also have plenty to choose from.

In the summertime, this nurturing studio offers fun camps and workshops for all ages. This encourages students to have fun with dance. The studio also puts on an end of the year recital. This gives the students of Art Dance Academy a chance to show off their skills. On the night of recital, parents and family will enjoy seeing their children and loved ones onstage, and dancers will enjoy being in the spotlight and receiving hard earned applause.

If you would like to live near Art Dance Academy so you can perfect your leap or learn to shuffle, or if you are looking for a new home in Hampton Roads, be sure to contact us at Waypoint Apartments. We would love to help you find the perfect new home for you and your family!


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