The Artists’ Gallery in Hampton Roads

The Artists’ Gallery in Virginia Beach truly belongs to the artists. It’s a gallery fully managed by the artist tenants. It was founded in 1989, and is a place for local and regional professionals to showcase their talents. They can create and display their original works of art in this cooperative studio and gallery. There are 45 members who have gone through a ‘jury’ selection process to make sure the gallery only presents high quality work.

In most galleries, visitors only get to see the end result of the artists’ hard work. But in this intimate setting, you will be welcomed by the artists themselves. You will also get a chance to watch while they work on their masterpieces. If you see something you like, you can purchase it directly. If you don’t see what you want but think there’s a designer that can bring your dream artwork to life, you can make a special request.

In addition to resident artists, the gallery also has exhibition and associate artists. Here are some of their upcoming exhibition themes.

Friday June 10 – Sunday July 3: Below The Surface
Life beneath the ocean has long fascinated humankind. Come enjoy the displays as artists bring the underworld aquatic scene to life.

Friday August 5 – Sunday September 4: Local Treasures
We often get so comfortable in our own surroundings that we stop appreciating the treasures around us. This exhibition will remind you of some of the wonders you might have overlooked.

Before you visit, please see the website for hours of operation.

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