Virginia Air & Space Center

Hampton Roads is a wonderful town. This beautiful community has many wonderful people and plenty of exciting activities to enjoy. One significant activity in the area is visiting the Virginia Air & Space Center. This magnificent museum will give you insight into the history of flight.

The Air & Space Center was founded in 1992 with the goal of educating people throughout Virginia on the history of aeronautics. The center has more than 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to aeronautics with exciting exhibits and attractions throughout the center.

Virginia’s Air & Space Center features around thirty aircrafts from throughout history. One aircraft you will want to check out is a model of a 1903 Wright Flyer; this beautiful craft will give insight into the beginning of air travel. There are also several fighter jets and even a full-size passenger plane. If you want to take in the history of flight, then you simply have to visit this museum.

The museum thoroughly covers the history of air travel, but it also educates the public on space travel. The center includes many space travel artifacts, including an Apollo command module. You will have the unique opportunity to see and touch important artifacts from United States space history.

The Virginia Air & Space Center features an IMAX theater. Take in the majesty of space on the enormous IMAX screen. The theater also shows Hollywood movies, so take the whole family for a movie night. IMAX is an experience like no other, so you have to visit the theater.

Hampton Roads is a fantastic community, and the Virginia Air & Space Center is just one reason to live in Hampton Roads. Contact us to learn more about our apartments and schedule a tour today!


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