Visit Eat – An American Bistro Near Waypoint Apartments

If you live in or around Hampton Roads and you haven’t dined at Eat – An American Bistro, there’s no time like the present time. Despite the name of the restaurant, the flavor combinations of each meal would make you think you’re eating international cuisine. The Head Chef/Owner likes to keep things creative, so even if you check out the menu, you can be sure that they’ll be some seasonal item or other concoction available when you arrive.

For example, we all know ‘ants on a log’ as celery with cheese or peanut butter, along with some raisins. At Eat, ‘ants on a log’ means escargot, roasted bone & marrow, garlic, parsley and butter grilled baguette. Dessert is decadent and includes butter grilled angel food cake. And although they post a drink menu online, they boast that their mixologist Chad can prepare anything you can dream of.

Eat has a casual ambience in a modern and chic setting. The restaurant has a rating of an outstanding 4.5 on TripAdvisor. One recent reviewer said: “I love every aspect of Eat. The food is incredible hand prepared by a chef with serious talent. Then you add to that a world-class mixologist working the bar and you’ve got a combination that is simply one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.”

Eat is strictly a dinner, dessert, and drinks spot, so they open daily at 5 PM. Word spreads around when a restaurant has great food, so it’s best to make reservations.

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