Visit The Mariners’ Museum & Park

Located a short drive from Waypoint Apartments is a museum that Congress designated America’s National Maritime Museum.

It is called the Mariners’ Museum & Park¬†and not only is it one of the largest such museums in North America, but the library is home to the largest maritime history collection in the Western Hemisphere.

According to the museum’s website, its mission is to connect people to the world’s waters, because that is how we are connected to one another.

There is much to see and do over the ninety thousand square feet of gallery space such as:

International Small Craft Center – This unique exhibit features nearly 150 boats from forty-two countries. They’re displayed in categories such as Culture, Shape, and Maritime Environment which allow guests to discover the various watercraft varieties. The International Small Craft Center also includes a restoration area where guests can watch as the staff works on the boats.

Polynesian Voyagers – Polynesian Voyagers is one of the museum’s newest exhibits. It focuses on the skills of Polynesian voyagers who used their knowledge of waves, wind, and stars, not modern technology. Guests also learn how the Pacific Islands were explored and settled.

Explorers Theater – The Explorers Theater takes guests on an exciting undersea adventure. The 3D films cover an array of maritime topics and the theater also shows live feed from exploration vessels around the world.

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