Visit The New Copper & Oak Distillery

All over the country, craft distilleries are popping up with committed artisans bringing classic and contemporary spirits to the public through small batch processes and unique flavor combinations. And now Virginia is up on the trend. Since the Native American’s created maize liquors, there has been something special about the local ingredients that make alcohol distilled in Virginia outstanding. George Washington ran a prolific whiskey distillery at Mt. Vernon and the moonshine streaming out of Appalachia has always been legendary. With such a rich history of spirits in the Commonwealth, you can bet that Virginia has a lot to offer up as inspiration for these local distilling artisans.

Set to open on October 20th of this year, Copper & Oak is located in Portsmouth, Virginia and plans to offer gin, bourbon, and white whiskey from a tasting room in front of the Hampton Roads area distillery. Founder, Skylar Pittman has scoured the local cuisine and botanicals for ingredients that represent the state to perfection and plans to host high-end clientele in the days to come. Keep an eye on this brand for interesting flavors and unique concoctions that do the state proud.

Waypoint Apartments is set in the hub of urban culture and among the trendiest areas on the East Coast. And now with the inclusion of a local craft distillery, the area just keeps getting hipper. Opportunities abound to go out on the town and have a unique experience night after night. The area is just a buzz with activity! If you a not already a resident, contact us today to make your dreams of calling Hampton Roads your home.

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