Visit The Virginia War Museum

If you enjoy learning about America’s military history, head to the Virginia War Museum in Newport News. According to the museum’s website, it displays outstanding collections of personal artifacts, weapons, vehicles, uniforms, posters, and more which trace the U.S. military’s development from 1775 through the present. The fascinating exhibits near Waypoint Apartments include:

Women at War – The Women at War Gallery explores the changing roles of women throughout the history of the country’s conflicts from both military and civilian perspectives. There’s an emphasis on the 20th century and the display includes photographs, posters, and uniforms that follow the roles women played as nurses, Red Cross workers, and members of the military.

Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation – During World Wars I and II, the Hampton Roads region was a hub for the movement of millions of troops and a center of activity for several paramilitary organizations including the Red Cross. The highlight of this exhibit is a railway boxcar that is one of the finest remaining examples of a “Merci” Train boxcar.

Prisoner of War – Using photographs, artifacts, and personal papers, this exhibit tells the story of American prisoners of war during various conflicts. One of the main features is part of a wall from a World War II German POW Camp in Hammelburg, Germany where American and allied prisoners were held.

American and War – American and War is a large gallery that gives visitors an overview of U.S, military history. There are many items on display including artwork, weapons, uniforms, battle tanks, and General Mark Clark’s trench coat.

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