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Waypoint Apartments are located in a breathtaking area, filled with beauty and wonder everywhere you turn. Surrounded by the sparkling ocean, this little slice of paradise is bursting with entertaining activities and interesting sites to see. Whether you enjoy delectable dinners at top-notch restaurants, exhilarating musicals and plays or a quiet walk on the beach at sunset, you can find it near your apartment in Hampton Roads. In addition to these fantastic venues, the Virginia Zoo is just a short drive away.

The Virginia Zoo boasts 53-acres and houses over 500 animals from around the globe. This phenomenal park strives to increase understanding and awareness of animals while providing them with comfortable habitats that encourage natural behavior. The staffs of the Virginia Zoological Park (VZP) and the Virginia Zoological Society (VZS) work together to ensure that the park is maintained and operates to the highest standards. The VZP handles animal care and habitat maintenance while the VZS oversees areas such as the gift shop, educational programs, special events, and fundraising. The combined efforts of these groups result in the growing success of the Virginia Zoo.

You may be a fan of the large, furry animals, or maybe you prefer those of the small and scaly variety–no matter what kinds of animals you love, you’re sure to find them at the Virginia Zoo. The impressive lion habitat was named one of the best in the country, currently home to the laid-back 364-pound male, Mramba, and feisty 344-pound female Zola. The second-largest land animal, the highly endangered white rhino, can be seen hanging out in his muddy habitat. Alfred is very playful and weighs 4,200 pounds–the only land animal larger than the rhino is the elephant. In addition to these two incredible species, the zoo boasts numerous amazing animals such as giraffes, orangutans, red pandas, snakes, frogs, and turtles.

The Virginia Zoo offers a variety of fantastic events as well. Take the family to a “zoo snooze” for an adventure they will always cherish. The zoo snooze begins with a pizza dinner, followed by fun and educational activities highlighting the mysterious night creatures of the zoo. After your exciting night, enjoy a delicious breakfast and a morning hike. The zoo also offers scout programs, birthday parties, and camps.

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